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Treat yourself, Naturally!

Welcome to my Apothecary! My name is Jacinda and I enjoy making
carefully crafted handmade products. My products are made with ingredients that come from the Earth and offer a unique shower & spa experience. Feel comfort in knowing that your skin care products are placed in sustainable packaging, made with the highest quality natural ingredients, and each purchase of yours is packaged with care.

Vegan Soap | Sustainable Packaging | Natural Ingredients



Choose your soap pleasure! We offer a wide range of soap scents; from pure essential oil soaps, fragrant soap, and unscented soap. Our promise is that our soap are made with natural plant colorants, and only contain the most effective natural ingredients

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Body Butter & More...

We sell soap; so it is only right that we offer a superior moisturizer to go along with our luxurious bars. From lip balm, body butters, and body oils

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Gift Sets

Be the best gift giver in your friend group and gift your loved ones one-of-a-kind gift sets. We take pride and put in so much care in the packaging of our gifts

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