Shades of Sun Apothecary [ A-poth-i-carry]

Light reflected off of the sun gives us a beautiful color wheel that has seemingly endless possibilities. Colors birth the world as we know it. Plants with healing powers are identified by the magnitude of their color.  Shades of Sun Apothecary was named after the respect for the Sun, the Earth, the Plants and their healing powers. We offer plant based soap bars that are stock full of natural herbs. Herbs are used to provide scent (essential oils), colors, exfoliation, and healing properties. Each bar of soap has a beautiful combination of these herbs. We are blessed to be able to provide you a unique product.



Shades of Sun Apothecary was born in 2020. The owner, Jacinda, was furloughed from her full-time job in the hospitality industry and needed a way to earn money. Jacinda has a passion for health and wellness. Her focuses are in eating nutritious foods, and being surrounded with tools that limit destruction to the Earth and that improve overall wellness. We are proud that our products are majority plastic free, and are encased with only the necessary packaging.


Thank you for shopping with us

- Jacinda